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High Speed Dissolver

To achieve high speed dispersion , the disperser blade in High Speed Dissolver Disperser is rotated at an optimal speed to achieve the proper flow pattern and desired consistency in your mixing vessel.

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High Speed Disperser

Currently, our Industrial Dispenser is available in huge varieties such as High Speed Dissolver / Disperser (Hydraulic Lifting), High Speed Disperser (Motorised Lifting), and Twin Shaft Disperser.

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Bead Mill Machine

We have wide range of Industrial Bead Mill Machines. It is applied to a wide range of applications , such as grinding relatively large particles and dispersing nanoparticles.

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Pug Mixer Machine

We are a prominent manufacturer of Pug Mixer Machine in the market. It is ideal for making wall putty, distemper and emulsion paint. This is modified of sigma mixer for mixing materials usually one of them dry and other a liquid.

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Ribbon Blender

Industrial Ribbon Blender is one of the most versatile, cost effective and commonly used mixer for dry solids in all process industries from general chemical to pharmaceutical, food and polymers.

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LDO Storage Tank

L.D.O. Tank is made of the highest quality raw material which is turned to LDO tanks making use of sophisticated and latest technologies. The capacity of the LDO tank varies with the plant where it is planted.

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